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"Reset, Refresh & Recover All"

3 Days of Prayer & Fasting 

Wednesday, October 25th- Friday, October 27th

(Isaiah 43:18-19, Acts 13:19-20, 1 Sam. 30:8)

Live prayer:

6:45am to 7:00am - Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (Oct. 25, 26 & 27)
Call in number 641-715-3670 access code: 136492



Wednesday, October 25th through Friday, October 27th 

from - 7:00am until 12:000 noon or

Fast one meal per day - breakfast, lunch or dinner and dedicate that time to the Lord.


Throughout the day and sometime within the meal period that you have selected to fast, pray for the area of agreement for that day.

(If you are under doctors care be sure to follow your medical instructions)

Communion: Friday, October 27th @ 6:45am

Join us for a brief time of Holy Communion Friday, October 27th during our time of Breakthrough Prayer at 6:45am. You may use a cracker, wafer or piece of bread and some grape juice (or a small amount of any juice that you have available). As we partake in this powerful time of communion we remember the sacrifice of our Savior and we exchange our condition with the provision that His sacrifice made (forgiveness, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wholeness & restoration). 


Areas of agreement & Confessions

- I receive new beginnings, open doors & new opportunities


- I am refreshed in the presence of God and I am now equipped to maximize every opportunity that God sends to me


- My youth is renewed - my mind is sharp, my emotions are whole & my body is strong


- I agree that there is a strong presence of God, miracles and breakthroughs at our Anointing & Breakthrough Service (Mark 16:20)


 - I receive uncommon Favor, Wisdom & Direction (Psalm 5:12, James 1:5,

   Psalm 37:23)


 - I receive financial overflow & abundance. Enlarged Territory (Proverbs 10:22, Psalm 23:5, 

    1 Chronicles 4:10)


 - I walk in Divine health (Isaiah 53:5, Psalm 107:20)


 - I declare miracles in families, relationships, business’ & jobs (Mark 19:26, Jeremiah 32:17)

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